Upon filing an application hereinbefore provided, the same shall be referred to the Chief of Police and if, after investigation by said Chief of Police, the City Council shall determine that said applicant is a fit and proper person to conduct said tables or bowling alleys, and said applicant has complied with all of the requirements of this ordinance, then the City Council shall authorize the City Clerk to issue the applicant a license, which shall expire September 30 subsequent thereto, and in case said application is denied, then the City Clerk shall return to said applicant all license fees which have been paid by applicant as hereinbefore provided; provided, the City Clerk shall have the right to retain a fee as specified in Chapter 26 of this code to cover the cost of the investigation hereinbefore required.
(Ord. 637, passed 7-8-1946; Ord. 1837, passed 5-10-1965)