(a)   Signs which have been erected prior to the effective date of this article may continue to be maintained until five years after the effective date. Thereafter, unless such signs conform to the provisions of this section, they shall be removed. If a nonconforming situation can be eliminated by the removal of one sign, the sign which has been erected for the longest period of time shall have priority.
   (b)   Any sign legally erected, permitted or maintained subsequent to July 2, 1971, which is not in violation of this article but upon the opening for public use of a freeway or applicable portion thereof becomes nonconforming the same may continue to be maintained for a period of five years from the day of the opening provided on or before the expiration of the five-year period, the nonconforming sign must be removed; provided, any sign which is exempt from the provisions of this section pursuant to § 50-142.3(c) hereof, but subsequently becomes nonconforming due to the elimination of the obstruction preventing its visibility from a freeway must be removed within five years from the time of the elimination of such obstruction; further provided, after the effective date of this section any sign erected, permitted or maintained after a future freeway right-of-way has been designated by the recording of a freeway right-of-way map in the public records of Genesee County, Michigan, which becomes nonconforming due to the completion of the freeway shall be removed within 30 days after the freeway or applicable portion thereof is open for public use.
   (c)   The requirements to remove any nonconforming sign shall be contingent upon the City instituting condemnation to pay the fair market value of the sign according to law.
(Ord. 2272, passed 6-21-1971; Ord. 2456, passed 10-7-1974)