(a)   Generally.  An accessory building may be erected detached from the principal building or may be erected as an integral part of the principal building, or it may be connected therewith by a breezeway or similar structure.
      (1)   If connected or attached, the accessory building must be five feet from any lot line. (See Figure 50-94A.)
      (2)   No accessory building shall be erected in any front yard. (See Figure 50-94A.)
   Figure 50-94A
      (3)   No accessory building shall be erected in any required side yard unless detached and at least 60 feet from the front lot line. (See Figure 50-94B.)
   Figure 50-94B
      (4)   Accessory buildings shall be at least:
         a.   Five feet from any dwelling situated on the same lot, unless attached thereto;
         b.   At least five feet from any other accessory buildings on the same lot; and
         c.   At least ten feet from any dwelling located on an adjoining lot. This shall not prevent a dwelling on an adjoining lot from being built less than ten feet from an accessory building on the adjoining lot. If a dwelling is built on an adjoining lot less than ten feet from an existing accessory building, both buildings will be considered legal conforming structures and can be rebuilt if they are damaged or destroyed.
      (5)   In no case shall an accessory building be closer than 18 feet from the side street lot line.
   (b)   Corner lots.  In any residence district, where a corner lot adjoins on the rear of a lot fronting on the side street and located in a residence district:
      (1)   No part of an accessory building on such corner lot within 25 feet of a common lot line shall be nearer a side street lot line than the least depth of the front yard required along such side street for a dwelling on such adjoining lot, and in no case shall any part of the accessory building be nearer to the side street lot line than the least width of the side yard or 18 feet, whichever is the greater. (See Figure 50-94C.)
      (2)   No part of an accessory building on such corner lot shall be less than five feet from the common lot line, unless 60 feet or more from the side street line. (See Figure 50-94C.)
   Figure 50-94C
   (c)   Yard requirements. If attached, an accessory building may extend into the required rear yard, and if used for automobile parking or storage the minimum side yard’s least width may apply to both side yard requirements.
   (d)   Erection without main building. In any residence district, no accessory building or structure shall be erected or constructed prior to the erection or construction of the principal or main building.
   (e)   Removal of main building.  In any residence district, no existing main building may be demolished or removed from a lot while an existing accessory structure is retained unless:
      (1)   The lot is combined with an adjacent lot that has a principal building on it; or
      (2)   A new main building is constructed or moved onto the lot, or a building permit for the purpose of constructing or moving a main building on the lot is in effect.
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