The following principal uses are permitted in a D-4 metropolitan business district.
   (a)   D-3 uses.  Any use permitted by § 50-47(b) in the D-3 district and as regulated therein, except as hereafter modified.
   (b)   Office buildings.  Of any kind, including wholesale offices and incidental wholesale storage.
   (c)   Other retail uses. Department stores, and any other retail use or service not first permitted or prohibited in the D-5 district.
   (d)   Printing.  Newspaper publishing plants.
   (e)   Light manufacturing.  Any manufacturing, treatment, converting, finishing or assembling authorized as principal use permitted outright in the E district; provided, that such use shall not occupy the ground floor street frontage of any building within the core area, D-4 district.
   (f)   Residential uses. Residential uses of any kind; provided, that such uses shall not occupy the ground floor of any building within the district. Off- street parking per § 50-139 is not required; however, if provided, shall not occupy the ground floor street frontage of any building.
   (g)   Clubs, lodges.  Alcoholic beverages may be sold, consumed or stored on the premises provided this activity meets all Federal, State or local statutes or ordinances, but not within 50 feet, property line to property line, of any residence district and subject to all applicable licenses and such licenses as may be required.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2930, passed 1-15-1985; Ord. 2972, passed 9-23-1985; Ord. 3237, passed 7-12-1993)