(a)   The following is the schedule of required off-street parking spaces:
Parking Spaces Required
Automobile or machinery sales and service garages
1 for each 800 sq. ft. floor area
Banks, business and professional offices
1 for each 300 sq. ft. floor area
Beauty parlors or barbershops
3 spaces for each of the first two beauty or barber chairs and one space for each additional chair
Bowling alleys
6 for each alley
Business, professional or trade schools
1 for each 200 sq. ft. floor area
Churches and K-12 schools
1 for each 6 seats in an auditorium or nave or 1 for each 17 classroom seats
Dance halls and assembly halls without fixed seats, exhibition halls, except church assembly rooms in conjunction with auditorium
1 for each 100 sq. ft. of floor area used for assembly of dancing
Dwellings, including multiple dwellings and apartment hotels
1 for each family dwelling unit or boarding house bed
Federally and State-assisted housing for the elderly
1 for each 2 dwelling units; provided, that sufficient land area be reserved in the site plan for future conversion to a 1 for each dwelling unit ratio
Funeral homes, mortuaries
4 for each parlor or 1 for each 50 sq. ft. of floor area, whichever is greater
Parking Spaces Required
Furniture and appliance stores, household equipment or furniture repair shop
1 for each 400 sq. ft. of floor area
1 for each 2 beds plus 1 space for each 5 staff doctors and 1 space for each 3 employees on maximum shift
Hotels, lodging houses
1 for each 2 bedrooms
Libraries, museums or art galleries
1 for each 500 sq. ft. of floor space.
Manufacturing plants, research or testing laboratories, bottling plants
5 plus 1 for each 3 employees on the maximum working shift
Medical or dental clinics, professional offices of doctors, dentists or similar professions
1 for each 200 sq. ft. of floor area plus 2 for each doctor
Motels and motor hotels
1 for each living or sleeping unit
Restaurants, beer parlors and nightclubs, bars, halls for hire, clubs, lodges and meeting places, and uses where alcoholic beverages are available for sale and consumption on premises
1 for each 4 persons allowed within the maximum load as established, by local or State Fire, Building or Health Codes and 1 for each employee on maximum shift
Retail stores, shops and the like
1 for each 150 sq. ft. of floor area
Sanitariums, convalescent homes, nursing homes, children’s homes
1 for each 6 beds
Sports arenas, auditoriums, theaters
1 for each 4 seats
Wholesale establishments or warehouses
5 plus 1 for each 3 employees on maximum shift
   (b)   In case of any building, structure or premises the use of which is not specifically mentioned herein, the provisions for a use which is so mentioned and to which such use is similar shall apply.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2310, passed 1-17-1972; Ord. 2972, passed 9-23-1985; Ord. 3015, passed 11-10-1986)