(A)   Prior to expiration of the tentative map, the subdivider shall submit three prints of the final map to the Town Engineer for checking.
   (B)   The preliminary prints shall bear original signatures of all parties required to execute the statements on the map, and shall be accompanied by the following data, reports and documents in a form as approved by the Town Engineer and, where applicable, the Town Attorney:
      (1)   Improvement plans and specifications. Three complete sets of improvement plans, specifications and Engineer’s cost estimates of improvements;
      (2)   Geotechnical reports. A complete set of geotechnical reports;
      (3)   Sub-surface geotechnic report. A complete set of preliminary sub-surface geotechnic reports, if applicable;
      (4)   Statement regarding hazardous waste. A signed statement indicating whether the subdivision is located on a site which is included on any of the local lists prepared by the California Integrated Waste Management Board of all solid waste facilities from which there is a known migration of hazardous waste, pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code § 95962.5;
      (5)   Hydrology and hydraulic calculations. Storm drain calculations (e.g., hydrology, sub-area map, pipe line, hydraulic design, ponding basin, pump system and the like, if applicable);
      (6)   Utility requirements. Evidence that all requirements of the sanitary district, water district and other affected agencies and utilities have been met;
      (7)   Guarantee of title. A subdivision guarantee of title, in a form acceptable to the Town Engineer and Town Council issued by a competent title company to and for the benefit and protection of the town; (The guarantee of title shall be current as of the date of filing the final map with the County Recorder, guaranteeing by certified letter from the title company that the owner is as shown, that the names of all persons whose consent is necessary to pass a clear title to the land being subdivided, and all public easements being offered for dedication, and all acknowledgments thereto, appear on the proper
statements and are correctly shown on the map, both as to contents as to the making thereof and affidavits of dedication where necessary.)
      (8)   Traverse closures. Traverse closures for the boundary, blocks, lots, road centerline, easements and offset lines;
      (9)   References. Copies of the deed and unfiled surveys referenced on the final map;
      (10)   Deeds for easements of rights of way. Deeds for off-site easements or rights-of-way required for road or drainage purposes which have not been dedicated on the final map; and (Written evidence, acceptable to the town, establishing rights of entry or permanent easements across private property outside of the subdivision permitting or granting access to perform necessary construction work and permitting the maintenance for the facility.)
      (11)   Other information. Other information as may be required by the tentative map, the Town Engineer and by law or by conditions of approval of the tentative map.
(Prior Code, § 16.05.060) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)