(A)   Notification of any public hearings shall be given pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code §§ 65090, 65091 and 66451.3(a).
   (B)   In addition, notice shall be given in accordance with the provisions of this section.
      (1)   A notice setting forth the time, place, purpose of hearing and map or physical description of the land involved shall be sent by mail at least ten days before the meeting to the following persons:
         (a)   All owners of real property subject to the subdivision of land; and
         (b)   Each property owner within 300 feet of the property subject to the subdivision of land.
      (2)   A notice setting forth the date, time and place shall be published at least ten days prior to the hearing date in a newspaper of general circulation in the town. The notice shall describe the proposed subdivision; describe the parcels, properties or areas that are affected by the subdivision request; and provide other pertinent information in such a manner that the subdivision request and its effect(s) can be clearly identified.
(Prior Code, § 16.03.080) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)