The review procedures for tentative subdivision maps shall be as set forth in this section.
   (A)   Determination of completeness. Upon receipt of a tentative subdivision map and any accompanying information, the Planning Director shall make a determination of application completeness pursuant to § 16.08.020 of this code.
   (B)   Incomplete applications. Applications deemed incomplete shall be subject to the procedures set forth in § 16.08.020 of this code.
   (C)   Transmittal. If the application is found to be complete, the Planning Director shall transmit copies of the tentative map together with accompanying data to such public agencies and utilities as may be concerned or required by Cal. Gov’t Code §§ 66453 and 66455.
   (D)   Town Engineer review. The Town Engineer shall submit a written report to the Planning Director of recommendations in relation to the requirements of this chapter, the Subdivision Map Act and other applicable ordinances and regulations and changes that are necessary for proper consideration of the map.
      (1)   Water and sewer recommendations. If the tentative map proposes sewage disposal by a means other than a public sewer system or water supply by means other than a public facility, then the applicant shall consult with the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) and the Marin County Environmental Health Department and the Engineer’s report shall state whether the proposed method of sewage disposal or water supply does or does not create a biological or chemical water quality and/or health hazard. If it would create such a hazard then a proven and RWQCB approved alternate system may be recommended and such recommendation must be included as a condition of approval of the tentative map. If no satisfactory method of sewage disposal or water supply is presented, then the tentative map shall be disapproved. If the tentative map shows sewage disposal by a public sewer system or water by means of a public water system, then the Planning Director shall, within three days after the filing of the tentative map, transmit a copy thereof to the appropriate water or sewer agency with a request that the agency report within ten days showing its ability to serve the proposed subdivision.
      (2)   Transmittal to school districts. Within five days after accepting a tentative map application, the Planning Director shall send a notice of the acceptance to the governing board of any elementary school, high school or unified school district within the boundaries of which the subdivision is proposed to be located. The notice shall identify information about the location of the proposed subdivision, the number of units, density and other information which would be relevant to the affected school district. Within 15 days after receiving the notice, the school district may make recommendation to the town regarding the effect of the proposed subdivision upon the school district. If the school district fails to respond within 15 days the failure to respond shall be deemed approval of the proposed subdivision. The town shall consider any recommendations before acting on the tentative map.
   (E)   Planning Director review. The Planning Director shall submit a written report to the Planning Commission of recommendations in relation to the requirements of this chapter, the general plan, the zoning ordinance and the other applicable ordinances and regulations.
   (F)   Recommendations to subdivider. Pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code § 66452.3, all recommendations and reports prepared by town staff on the tentative map shall be forwarded to the subdivider prior to any hearing or action on the map. In instances of a residential condominium conversion, all tenants shall receive the town staff reports.
(Prior Code, § 16.03.050) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)