§ 16.08.030 ADDITIONAL DATA.
   Information on the following matters shall be either on the tentative map or contained in a written statement accompanying the same.
   (A)   Site reconnaissance statement. Two copies of a statement of a site reconnaissance by a geotechnical or certified engineering geologist regarding slide conditions, existing or anticipated; geologic features; topography; soil conditions within or immediately adjoining the proposed development and their effect on the design of the proposed subdivision; and
   (B)   Statement regarding hazardous waste. Pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code § 65962.5, before the tentative map application may be accepted as complete, the subdivider shall submit a signed statement to the Planning Director indicating whether the subdivision is located on a site which is included on any of the local lists prepared by the California Integrated Waste Management Board of all solid waste facilities from which there is a known migration of hazardous waste. The Secretary for Environmental Protection maintains a statewide list and will distribute this information to any person upon request.
(Prior Code, § 16.03.030) (Ord. 670, passed - -1998)