(a)    No person shall operate a motorized bicycle upon any street or highway or any public or private property used by the public for purposes of vehicular travel or parking, unless all of the following conditions are met:
      (1)    The person possesses a valid license or permit authorizing such operation and which is issued by the Ohio Registrar of Motor Vehicles under Ohio R.C. Chapter 4507 (Driver's License Law) or Ohio R.C. 4511.521;
      (2)    The motorized bicycle is equipped in accordance with rules adopted by the Ohio Director of Highway Safety and is in proper working order;
      (3)    The person, if he is under eighteen years of age, is wearing a protective helmet on his head with the chin strap properly fastened, and the motorized bicycle is equipped with a rear-view mirror;
      (4)    The person operates the motorized bicycle when practicable within three feet of the right edge of the roadway obeying all traffic rules applicable to vehicles; and
      (5)    The motorized bicycle displays on the rear of such bicycle the current license plate or validation sticker furnished by the Ohio Director of Highway Safety under Ohio R.C. 4503.191. This subsection (a)(5) is not effective until the end of the first month of the registration period of 1985 to which the motorized bicycle is assigned by the Ohio Registrar of Motor Vehicles as provided in Ohio R.C. 4503.101.
   (b)    No person operating a motorized bicycle shall carry another person upon the motorized bicycle.
(Ord. 73-84. Passed 11-19-84.)