(a)    No person shall sell any new motor vehicle nor shall any new motor vehicle be registered, and no person shall operate any motor vehicle which is registered in this State and which shall have been manufactured or assembled on or after January 1, 1936, unless such vehicle is equipped with safety glass wherever glass is used in the windshield, doors, partitions, rear windows and windows on each side immediately adjacent to the rear window.
   (b)    "Safety glass" means any product composed of glass so manufactured, fabricated or treated as substantially to prevent shattering and flying of the glass when struck or broken, or such other similar product as may be approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
   (c)    Glass other than safety glass shall not be offered for sale, or sold for use in, or installed in any door, window, partition or windshield which is required by this section to be equipped with safety glass.
(ORC 4513.26; Ord. 7-83. Passed 3-21-83.)