(a)   All State routes are hereby designated as through streets or highways, provided that stop signs, yield signs or traffic control signals shall be erected at all intersections with such through streets or highways by the Department of Transportation as to highways under its jurisdiction and by local authorities as to streets or highways under their jurisdiction, except as otherwise provided in this section.
   (b)   Other streets or highways, or portions thereof, are hereby designated through highways if they are within a municipal corporation, if they have a continuous length of more than one mile between the limits of such street or highway or portion thereof, and if they have “stop” or “yield” signs or traffic signals at the entrances of the majority of intersecting streets or highways.  For purposes of this section, the limits of such street or highway or portion thereof shall be a municipal corporation line, the physical terminus of the street or highway, or any point on such street or highway at which vehicular traffic thereon is required by regulatory signs to stop or yield to traffic on the intersecting street.
   (c)   Council may designate additional through streets or highways and shall erect stop signs, yield signs or traffic control signals at all streets and highways intersecting such through streets or highways, or may designate any intersection as a stop intersection and shall erect like signs at one or more entrances to such intersection.
   (d)   The City Manager, as the Director of Safety, is authorized and directed to designate stop streets and through streets for all new intersections created by residential and/or commercial developments during the calendar year as soon as deemed necessary for safe intersection operation.  The City Manager is authorized and directed to erect STOP right of way traffic control signs for the purpose of designating each of these intersections.  These signs shall be legally enforceable upon installation and an ordinance shall be enacted at the end of each calendar year to list traffic control for all new intersections in the City.
(Ord.  16-99.  Passed 6-21-99.)