In Landscape Maintenance Districts the location of trees and other landscaping shall be the responsibility of the City. In all other areas of the City, no tree shall be planted in the strip between the street and sidewalk (tree lawn) where such tree lawn is less than three feet wide. All trees planted within the tree lawn must be on the approved right-of-way street tree list maintained by the City, and must meet the sizing requirements provided on that list for the width of the tree lawn.  Trees must be five feet driveways, fire hydrants and water or gas shutoff valves. No trees planted on private property shall be located less than five feet from a public sidewalk. No tree or any shrub which exceeds three feet in height shall be planted within fifty feet of any street intersection.  Trees or shrubs planted within the right-of-way and located near intersections and driveways shall comply with the Engineering Standards of the City for sight distance.
(Ord. 01-19.  Passed 1-22-19.)