(a)   Should such nuisance not be abated at the expiration time provided in the nuisance abatement notice or expiration time of the compliance agreement or such additional time as the Property Maintenance Appeals Board may grant, the Code Official shall be authorized at any time thereafter to enter upon such premises to abate the nuisance by demolition and removal of the structure or by taking any other such action as may be required.
   (b)   In abating such nuisance the City Manager may call upon any department of the City for whatever assistance may be necessary, or may, by private contract, complete the abatement thereof. In abating such nuisances the Code Official may go to whatever extent necessary to complete the abatement of the same and the cost of the abatement action shall be recovered from the owner in the following procedures:
      (1)   The owner or owners shall be billed directly for the cost of the abatement. The bill for the cost of the abatement, together with an administrative fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00), shall be paid within sixty days after receipt of the bill.
      (2)   If costs are not so recovered then the City shall cause the cost of the abatement to be levied as an assessment. The Financial Director shall make a written return or statement of the labor charges for abating the public nuisance, the fees of the officers serving such notices, the administrative fee charge and proper description of the premises. The total amount shall be entered upon the tax duplicate and shall be a lien upon such lot or land from and after the date of entry and shall be collected as other taxes and returned to the City.
         (Ord. 19-11.  Passed 4-4-11.)