Within fifteen days of notice, the owner or owners may request to undertake the repairs or replacement of items found to constitute a public nuisance within the City. Adequate plans, specifications and required permits, as required by the Code Official, covering such repairs or replacements must be submitted in writing to the Code Official within fifteen days of abatement notice. The Code Official may deem necessary to extend the time allowed to complete plans and specifications, not to exceed thirty days.
   The Code Official shall, upon approval of such plans and specification, shall cause to enter into a compliance agreement with owner or owners. The compliance agreement will include required building and/or zoning permits that shall be obtained, list of all repairs or replacements to be completed as to the specifications required by the Code Official and dates for all repairs or replacements to be completed, not to exceed ninety days.
(Ord. 19-11.  Passed 4-4-11.)