Wards and Boundaries
EDITOR'S NOTE: Article II, Section 1, of the Euclid City Charter provides that within sixty days after the proclamation by the Secretary of State announcing the population of cities of Ohio, the Council shall redivide the City into four wards which shall be as nearly equal in population as is possible, each composed of contiguous and compact territory bounded by natural boundaries or street lines. Upon failure of Council to redivide the City within the period provided, the Law Director shall redivide it by filing a plan with the Clerk of Council, whereupon this plan shall become the new division by ward of the City.
   On May 26, 1981, Law Director Patrick R. Rocco filed a redistricted Euclid ward map with the Clerk of Council as directed by Article II, Section 1, of the City Charter upon Council's failure to redivide the City.  Sections 105.02 to 105.05 contain the word descriptions of the wards as redistricted by the Law Director.
105.01   Division into wards.
105.02   First Ward.
105.03   Second Ward.
105.04   Third Ward.
105.05   Fourth Ward.
105.06   Fifth Ward.
105.07   Sixth Ward.
105.08   Seventh Ward.
105.09   Eighth Ward.
   Division into wards after census - see Chtr. Art. II, Sec. 1
   Division of City into wards - see Ohio R.C. 731.06
   Voting precincts - see Ohio R.C. 3501.18
   Zoning district boundaries - see P. & Z. Ch. 1341