The Council may at any time subsequent to May 15 and prior to September 15, in any year, declare by resolution, adopted by a vote of two-thirds of all members elected thereto, that the amount of taxes which may be raised within the limitations of Section 8 of this Article will be insufficient to provide an adequate amount for current operating expenses of the City, for other expenses payable from the general fund of the City, and for such permanent improvements and equipment as shall have an estimated useful life of five years or more, and that it is necessary to levy taxes in excess of such limitations, in addition to the levies authorized and limited by Sections 8 and 9 of this Article, for the Municipal purpose or purposes specified in such resolution.  The resolution shall specify the additional sum which it is necessary to levy, the term of the levy, the purpose or purposes thereof, the additional rate estimated to be required therefor, and the percentage of votes to be required for the passage of the levy.  Such resolution shall be effective upon its adoption and shall be certified within the following five days to the election authorities, who shall place such question upon the ballot at the next succeeding November election.  If a majority of the electors voting thereon, unless a higher percentage be prescribed by the Council, vote for the approval of such additional levy, the Council shall immediately make such levy, or such part thereof as it finds necessary, pursuant to such approval and certify the same to the County Auditor to be placed on the tax list and collected as other taxes, but no such levy shall be authorized for more than one year, except that the Council may determine yearly periods not exceeding five years for any levy for the construction, maintenance and reconstruction of sewers.  The authority of the Council to submit additional levies to a vote of the people, under the authority of the Constitution or the Laws of Ohio, shall not be deemed impaired or abridged by reason of any provision contained in this Charter. 
(Amended May 8, 1990.)