The rate of the tax for current expenses and for the purposes of any other expense, including police and fire pensions, and for the acquisition or construction of permanent improvements, which may lawfully be included within the general levy for the general fund of the City, levied upon the duplicates of property in the City of Euclid listed and assessed for taxation according to value, shall not exceed nine mills per dollar of assessed valuation.  Any levy in excess of five mills per dollar of assessed valuation shall include a levy of not less than one mill per dollar of assessed valuation, the proceeds of which shall be credited to a separate fund and expended solely for the acquisition or construction of permanent improvements.  Out of said total maximum levy one mill may be levied for recreation operating purposes and by resolution of the Council all or any part of said rate shall be levied.  The Council, by resolution, may levy up to and including one mill for recreation purposes, in addition to the one mill which may be levied herein, and no portion of said levy shall be for recreation operating purposes other than maintenance of capital improvements unless said levy made by Council is in excess of .7 mills, with the first .7 mills to be used for capital improvements and maintenance thereof.
(Amended June 8, 1976; November 2, 1999.)