The government of the City of Euclid shall be vested with all powers which may now or hereafter be granted to municipalities by the Constitution or Laws of Ohio.  Unless otherwise provided in the grant or in this Charter, all such powers, whether expressed or implied, shall be exercised in such manner as shall be provided by the Council created hereby.  All general laws of the State of Ohio applicable to municipal corporations other than those pertaining to matters of statewide concern, now existing or hereafter enacted, not in conflict with the provisions of the Charter, or with the ordinances enacted thereunder, shall apply to the government of the City of Euclid. There is reserved to the electors of the City the initiative and referendum powers to be exercised in the manner provided by law; the nomination and election of a Mayor and Council, and their recall as provided herein; the adoption of amendments to this Charter; and there is reserved to the people the right to petition for redress of grievances.
(Amended November 2, 1993)