Package Liquor Sales
   115.01   Alcoholic beverages subject to regulation
   115.02   Application for certificate
   115.03   Applicant to agree to comply with laws
   115.04   Applicant to appear before Mayor and Commission; duty to give information
   115.05   Action on application
   115.06   Residency requirement
   115.07   Applicants for certificate who have criminal record
   115.08   Regulation of retail sales
   115.09   License fee
   115.10   Where establishments may be located
   115.11   Retail stores to be on ground floor; entrances
   115.12   Limitation on number of retailers
   115.13   Sales for consumption on premises
   115.14   Radios, amusement devices and seating facilities prohibited in retail establishments
   115.15   Inspection fee
   115.16   Violations
   115.30   Beer Board; established; meetings; proceedings; powers
   115.31   “Beer” defined
   115.32   Permit required for engaging in beer business
   115.33   Privilege tax
   115.34   Beer permits shall be restrictive
   115.35   Limitation on number of permits
   115.36   Interference with public health, safety and morals prohibited
   115.37   Prohibited conduct or activities by beer permit holders, employees and persons engaged in the sale of beer
   115.38   Revocation or suspension of beer permits
   115.39   Loss of clerk’s certification for sale to minor
   115.40   Violations
Intoxicating Liquor Sales (Liquor by the Drink)
   115.55   Definition of alcoholic beverages
   115.56   Consumption of alcoholic beverages on premises
   115.57   Privilege tax on retail sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises
   115.58   Annual privilege tax to be paid to the city
   115.59   Concurrent sales of liquor by the drink and beer
   115.60   Advertisement of alcoholic beverages
   115.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see Tenn. Code Ann. § 57-3-208