General Wastewater Regulations
   51.01   Purpose and policy
   51.02   Administrative
   51.03   Definitions
   51.04   Proper waste disposal required
   51.05   Private domestic wastewater disposal
   51.06   Connection to public sewers
   51.07   Septic tank effluent pump or grinder pump wastewater systems
   51.08   Regulation of holding tank waste disposal or trucked in waste
   51.09   Discharge regulations
   51.10   Enforcement and abatement
Industrial/Commercial Wastewater Regulations Fats, Oil and Grease Control Program
   51.25   Industrial pretreatment
   51.26   Discharge permits
   51.27   Industrial user additional requirements
   51.28   Reporting requirements
   51.29   Enforcement response plan
   51.30   Enforcement response guide table
   51.31   Fees and billing
   51.32   Fats, Oil and Grease Control Program; fats, oils and grease traps and interceptors
   51.33   FOG Management Policy
   51.34   Food Service Establishment Enforcement Response Guide
   51.35   Validity
   Appendix A:   Enforcement Response Guide Table
Editor’s note:
   Ord. 446 and amending ordinances 470, 473 and 484 are replaced by the following wastewater regulations.