(a)   Certificate Required; Contents.  A Certificate of Approval shall be required.  The Certificate shall state the following: the nature of the occupancy authorized; that the building was erected in compliance with the approved plans and provisions governing building, plumbing, wiring, heating and cooling in the City; the intended use of the building or premises as stated by the applicant, in terms of the wording of the Planning and Zoning Code; the number of families proposed to be housed; if the building is a dwelling house or apartment house; the zoning district in which the property is located; that the building and the proposed use are in compliance with the Planning and Zoning Code; and that all work requiring inspection is approved by the Building Department.
   (b)   Sidewalks.  No Certificate of Approval shall be issued for a building on any sublot, except if:
      (1)   A one-course Portland cement concrete sidewalk, four feet in width, has been constructed along all lot frontages, and such construction has been approved by the City Engineer; or
      (2)   A cash bond or irrevocable letter of credit has been posted with the City Auditor in an amount approved by the City  Engineer; or
      (3)   The owners of record have signed and delivered to the City Engineer an affidavit stating that said owners have a valid contract for the construction of sidewalks on all frontages of the real property and that the funds for the construction of said sidewalks are being held by a designated escrow agent, that the owners and their heirs, successors and assigns waived any and all claims against the City for the failure of said sidewalks being constructed and that the owners and their heirs, successors and assigns waive any and all notice requirements for future assessments by the City for sidewalk construction if said sidewalks have not been constructed to meet City standards within six months from the date of issuance of the Certificate of Approval.
(Ord. 97-5.  Passed 1-6-97; Ord. 2007-52.  Passed 5-7-07.)