All bids or offers on prime contracts covered by this section shall include the following:
   (a)   The name of the employee of the offerer or bidder who will administer the subcontracting program, and a description of the duties of such employee;
   (b)   A proposed plan for the implementation of the MBE subcontracting goal or requirement of the prime contract, including a description of the records which will be kept and made available to the Office of Equal Opportunity to show compliance with the subcontracting program aspect of the contract; and
   (c)   A statement that no contract will be awarded until an acceptable plan is reviewed by the OEO and incorporated in the contract. Acceptable plans must, in the opinion of the OEO, provide the maximum practical opportunity for approved MBE participation in the performance of the contract.
(Ord. 83-75. Passed 4-4-83.)