(a)   The Office of Equal Opportunity will certify MBE's which meets the requirements of this chapter for participation in the various programs of the City.
   (b)   In considering each application for certification, the OEO will determine whether persons represented in the application are members of a minority by reviewing the application and accompanying documentation, the results of staff investigations and other relevant information. Other relevant information may include birth certificates, employment records, OEO and affirmative action records and other evidence of the minority status of persons named in the application.
(Ord. 83-75. Passed 4-4-83.)
   (c)   In determining whether an applicant meets the requirements for participation set forth in Section 168.02(b), the OEO will review the extent to which minority or women participants have actual rights of ownership and control of the business enterprise, including the proportion of ownership and control over decision making, day-to-day operations and profit and loss. The OEO will review all information relating to the operation, management, accounts and financing of the business enterprise.
(Ord. 83-232. Passed 11-7-83.)
   (d)   The OEO staff, will certify MBE's using a certification form to be prescribed. Upon acceptance of this form, the staff will conduct a full review and analysis of the form. This review may include interviews and discussions with the applicant or the applicant's representative, a request for the submission of additional documentation or information and an on-site inspection by the OEO staff.
   (e)   Additional information and documentation may be requested by the OEO in connection with a recertification, compliance review, investigation or other process undertaken as a result of the rules set forth in this chapter.
   (f)   Certification shall be valid for one year, January 1 to December 31, unless revoked by the OEO. Renewal of certification shall be in accordance with the recertification procedures set forth in Section 168.08.
   (g)   Minority business enterprises participating in joint ventures must be individually certified in accordance with this chapter.
   (h)   If an MBE has not been certified by the OEO prior to its participation in a joint venture, the applications for individual certification of the joint venture may be submitted to and reviewed by the OEO simultaneously.
   (i)   Minority business enterprises must apply for recertification each year and it must be approved by the OEO prior to bidding for any contract.
(Ord. 83-75. Passed 4-4-83.)