The purpose of the MBE Program is to ensure the representative participation of all segments of the population. It shall be administered by the Mayor, or his or her designee, who shall be charged with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a strong MBE Program and developing such rules or guidelines necessary to implement such Program. The City shall, from time to time, re-evaluate the Program, assess its effectiveness and adjust and/or otherwise amend the Program to best achieve the objectives thereof. The City MBE Program shall apply to the expenditure of City funds, the sources of which funds are gifts, grants (except as stated in this section), user fees, service fees, taxes and assessments, as well as such other funds which are administered by the City without regard to their sources Whenever a grant is received from another governmental entity which has an established set of requirements, as expressed in rules, regulations or policy, concerning the participation of specific business groups, the City's specifications for contracts may contain MBE Program procedures in conformity with the granting agency's requirements, in lieu of the Program outlined in this chapter as the City's Program.
(Ord. 85-203. Passed 10-21-85.)