3-2-1: Title
3-2-2: Definitions
3-2-3: General Provisions
3-2-4: Establishment Of Zoning Districts
3-2-5: Residential Zoning Districts
3-2-6: RB Residential Business District
3-2-7: RMH Mobile Home Park And Mobile Home Subdivision District
3-2-8: PQP Public, Quasi-Public District
3-2-9: CC, CT Commercial Districts
3-2-10: PC, C Commercial Districts
3-2-11: IBP, IC Industrial Districts
3-2-12: LI, GI Industrial Districts
3-2-13: AG General Agriculture District
3-2-14: FP, SA Overlay Districts
3-2-15: PUD Planned Unit Development District
3-2-16: RC Restricted Commercial District
3-2-17: Traffic, Access, Parking And Loading Regulations
3-2-18: Conditional Use Permits
3-2-19: Nonconforming Uses
3-2-20: Enforcement
3-2-21-A: Amendments To Zoning District Boundaries
3-2-21-B: Amendments To Zoning Regulations
3-2-22: Variances
3-2-23: Violations And Penalties
3-2-24: Repeal And Saving Clause
3-2-25: Appeals
3-2-26: Agreements Concerning Development Of Land
3-2-27: Operation Of Facilities Utilizing Explosives
3-2-28: Hillside Development Regulations And Guidelines
3-2-29: Marijuana Establishments And Medical Marijuana Establishments Prohibited