Chapter 2
Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
Article A   Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor
   7-2-1   State Statutes Adopted
   7-2-2   Definitions
   7-2-3   License Required
   7-2-4   Classes of Licenses
   7-2-5   License Fees
   7-2-6   Application for License
   7-2-7   Qualifications of Applicants and Premises
   7-2-8   Investigation
   7-2-9   Approval of Application
   7-2-10   Granting or Denial of License
   7-2-11   Transfer and Lapse of License
   7-2-12   Numbering of License
   7-2-13   Posting Licenses; Defacement
   7-2-14   Conditions of License
   7-2-15   Closing Hours
   7-2-16   Restrictions on Temporary Fermented Malt Beverage or Wine Licenses
   7-2-17   Revocation and Suspension of Licenses; Non-Renewal
   7-2-18   Non-Alcohol Events for Underage Persons on Licensed Premises
   7-2-19   Permits Required for Outdoor Sports Activities and Beer/Beverage Gardens Activities
   7-2-20   Nude Dancing in Licensed Establishments Prohibited
   7-2-21   Sidewalk Cafes
   7-2-22 through 7-2-29   Reserved for Future Use
Article B   Operator's License
   7-2-30   Operator's License Required
   7-2-31   Procedure Upon Application
   7-2-32   Duration
   7-2-33   Operator's License Fee; Provisional or Temporary Licenses
   7-2-34   Issuance or Denial of Operator's Licenses
   7-2-35   Training Course
   7-2-36   Display of License
   7-2-37   Revocation of Operator's License
   7-2-38 through 7-2-39   Reserved for Future Use
Article C   Penalties
   7-2-40   Penalties