Where one pipe passes over another premium backfill is required. Concrete encasement, concrete bridge may be required.  Bedding and backing material shall be sand or granular material having a thickness of at least six inches below the bottom of the pipe and extending up around the pipe for a depth of not less than thirty percent (30%) of its vertical outside diameter.  After the sewer is laid and before it is covered, it shall be inspected and approved by the Chief Building Official or his representative. All pipe replacement and the backfilling shall be completed within three business days following initial exposure of the pipe unless the Chief Building Official or his representative issues a written time extension.  Where trenches pass through grass covered areas, the backfill material shall be thoroughly compacted to minimize settlement and the top portion should be rounded and brought up no higher than three inches above the adjoining ground service.  Proper landscaping of the excavated area is required.
(Ord. 2015-017.  Passed 3-10-15.)