A.   The purpose of this chapter is to require landscape elements, particularly plant materials, within proposed developments in an organized and harmonious fashion that will enhance, protect and promote the economic and aesthetic environment of the City of Duncan, and provide for the prosperity, comfort and enjoyment of its citizens. The City recognizes the value of landscaping in achieving the following goals:
      1.   Promote the re-establishment of vegetation in urban areas for health, ecological and aesthetic benefits.
      2.   Provide new planting in concert with natural vegetation and careful grading.
      3.   Encourage the preservation of existing trees.
      4.   Promote compatibility between land uses by reducing the visual, noise and lighting impacts of development on users of the site and abutting properties.
      5.   Unify development, and enhance and define public and private places.
      6.   Provide an overall planting scheme that will:
         a.   Reduce soil erosion, and the volume and rate of discharge of stormwater runoff.
         b.   Aid in energy conservation by shading and sheltering structures from energy losses caused by weather and wind.
         c.   Mitigate the loss of natural resources.
         d.   Provide visual screens and buffers that mitigate the impact of conflicting land uses to preserve the appearance, character and value of existing neighborhoods.
         e.   Provide shade, comfort and seasonal color.
         f.   Reduce glare, noise and heat.
         g.   Provide greater perceptual clarity along major streets and roads by more consistent planting of property sized street trees.
      7.   It is further recognized that good landscaping attracts potential residents and businesses to the City of Duncan, and creates a safer, more attractive and more pleasant living and working environment for all residents and visitors of Duncan.
      8.   These regulations are intended at minimum standards for landscape treatment. Owners and developers are encouraged to exceed this standard in seeking more creative solutions, both for the enhanced value of their land and for the collective health and enjoyment of all citizens of Duncan. (Ord. 1767, 6-27-2017)