A.   Drainage Into Certain Areas Prohibited:
      1.   Into Sanitary Sewer; Sump Pumps And Sump Pump Connections Prohibited: No person shall discharge, or cause to be discharged, any stormwater, surface water, ground water, roof runoff, subsurface drainage, including interior and exterior foundation drains, floor drains used for collecting stormwater, uncontaminated cooling water or unpolluted industrial process waters, to any sanitary sewer. This subsection shall be construed to prohibit such discharge to any sanitary sewer from sump pumps or sump pump connections, and no person shall install, cause to be installed, or permit to be installed any sump pump or sump pump connection that discharges or causes such discharge to any sanitary sewer.
      2.   Into Storm Sewers Or Natural Outlets: Stormwater and all other unpolluted drainage shall be discharged to such sewers as are specifically designated as storm sewers, or to a natural outlet approved by the city manager. Industrial cooling water or unpolluted process waters may be discharged, on approval of the city manager to a storm sewer or natural outlet. (2007 Code § 44-31)
   B.   Air Conditioning Systems:
      1.   Except as otherwise specifically authorized or required by this code, it shall be unlawful to discharge any air conditioning water, drip pans, refrigeration water or cooling tower water, directly or indirectly into any sanitary sewer or upon any public property, whether the water originated in a public or private water supply; provided, however, that such water may be discharged into a sanitary sewer if the same comes from equipment so designed that the total rate of discharge of this type of equipment from the premises served on such sewer could not exceed five (5) gallons per minute, but in no event shall the same be discharged either directly or indirectly upon any public roadway, walkway, street, alley or other public property.
      2.   Separate water meters of the kind and type as specified by the water department may be installed in all instances where water from the public water supply is used for air conditioners, refrigeration or other processing and such clear water wastes are discharged to the storm sewer or disposed of by other means than the sanitary sewer; the purpose of metering such water will be used as a deduct quantity of water used for determination of the sewage service charge. (2007 Code § 44-32)