A.   Failure To Obtain License Or Comply With Requirements: Any person who fails to secure the license required under this chapter or any licensee who fails to comply with the requirements of the license or this chapter or with any other applicable legal requirements must, upon notification of such violation by the City Manager, immediately act either to abate the violation or to cause the licensee's communications system either to be removed or to be disconnected and rendered inoperative.
   B.   City Right To Remove Or Disconnect: The City reserves the right either to remove or to disconnect and render inoperative any communications system used or maintained contrary to the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   Removal Of System From Public Property: Upon demand of the City, upon termination or revocation, the licensee must promptly, within ninety (90) days, remove its system from public property. If the licensee fails to remove all its properties from public property within the ninety (90) day removal period, the City Manager may declare all such property of the licensee abandoned, and all such property will become the property of the City, and the licensee further agrees to execute and deliver an instrument in writing transferring its ownership interest in any such property to the City. In lieu of declaring the property abandoned, the City may cause the property to be removed, and such costs of removal must be paid by the licensee. (Ord. 39-17, 8-21-2017)