A.   Public Improvements: The licensee must, upon thirty (30) days' written notice from the City and at no cost to the City, protect, support, or temporarily or permanently disconnect, relocate within the same or other public right-of-way, or remove any or all of its communications system when required to do so by the City because of street or other public excavation, construction, repair, grading or regrading; traffic conditions; installation of sewers, drains, water pipes, or City owned power or signal lines; vacation or relocation of public rights-of-way; installation or construction of any other type of structure by the City or any other public agency; or any other type of improvement which promotes the public health, safety or welfare.
   B.   Emergency Situation: If, at any time, in case of fire or disaster in the City, it becomes necessary in the reasonable judgment of the City Manager to cut or secure any of the wires, cables, amplifiers, appliances, or appurtenances thereto of the licensee, such cutting or removing may be done and any repairs rendered necessary thereby must be made by the licensee, at its sole expense.
   C.   Moving Of Buildings: The licensee must, at the request of any person holding a building moving permit, temporarily remove, raise, or lower its wires to permit the moving of said building, provided the licensee has been given not less than ten (10) working days' notice of such move. The reasonable cost of such temporary removal, raising, or lowering of wires must be paid by the person requesting the same, and the licensee must have the authority to require such payment in advance. (Ord. 39-17, 8-21-2017)