Unless otherwise expressly stated or the context clearly indicates a different intention, the following terms, for the purpose of this chapter, have the meanings in this section:
COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM: A facility and any related equipment, used for furnishing communications services to the public for compensation, not including a franchised cable television system.
MANAGEMENT COSTS: The reasonable costs the City actually incurs in managing public rights-of-way.
PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY: The area on, below, or above a public roadway, highway, street, bridge, cartway, bicycle lane, or public sidewalk in which the local government has an interest, including other dedicated rights-of-way for travel purposes and utility easements. A public right-of-way does not include the airwaves above a public right-of-way with regard to cellular or other nonwire telecommunications or broadcasts service or utility poles owned by the City. (Ord. 39-17, 8-21-2017)