15-2-13: POWERS:
The commission has the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:
   A.   To provide a leadership role in the planning, coordinating, and sponsoring of a periodic community planning process;
   B.   To coordinate and supervise the preparation and maintenance of the Comprehensive Plan;
   C.   To provide input to the City Manager in the preparation of the City Manager's recommended multiyear Capital Improvement Program;
   D.   To make comprehensive studies of the present condition and the future growth of the City to provide input into the community planning process and to guide and accomplish a coordinated, consistent, and harmonious development in accordance with the present and future needs thereof to the end that the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare may be promoted;
   E.   To make or cause to be made such surveys, studies, maps, plans, or charts of the City with due regard to its relation to neighboring territory as may be determined as necessary to carry out the purposes of the commission;
   F.   To recommend amendments to all or parts of the Comprehensive Plan in response to the community planning process, upon its own initiative or upon recommendation presented by the Zoning Advisory Commission, but only after a public hearing;
   G.   To review proposed urban renewal plans and urban revitalization plans for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan;
   H.   To undertake public information efforts to enhance public understanding of the community planning process generally and the Comprehensive Plan specifically; and
   I.   To undertake from time to time other specific long range planning projects which may be referred to the commission by the City Council. (Ord. 41-17, 9-5-2017)