A.   All plans, plats or replats of land laid out in lots or plats and streets, alleys or other portions of land intended to be dedicated to public use within the corporate limits of the city and all requests for zoning map amendments or variances therefrom shall be first submitted to said planning and zoning board for its review and recommendation to the city commission for approval or denial. Upon the receipt of a request for a zoning map amendment, the planning and zoning board shall call a meeting, in accordance with the Oklahoma open meeting statutes, post the agenda and proceed to meet. The board shall adopt its recommendation and forward it to the city commission at its next following regular meeting.
   B.   The planning and zoning board may, on its own initiative, recommend amendments to the Drumright zoning map.
   C.   Applicants for a change in zoning classification shall pay a fee of forty dollars ($40.00) plus the costs of any publication charges which shall be deposited in the general fund of the city prior to calling a meeting to act upon the application. (Ord. 281, 11-8-2010)