A.   Officers: The city commission member appointed to the planning and zoning board shall serve as chairman. The resident citizen shall serve as vice chairman. The city clerk shall be the secretary of the board but shall not be a voting member of the board.
   B.   Rules Of Procedure: The board shall generally follow the procedures prescribed by "Robert's Rules Of Order", but may make exceptions thereto. All votes shall be recorded individually by "yeas" having an affirmative meaning and "nays" having a negative meaning. All votes shall require a majority affirmative vote of those present and voting for adoption.
   C.   Quorum: In order to conduct any business, a quorum or three (3) members must be present at a meeting.
   D.   Authority: The planning and zoning board may consider and investigate any matter pertaining to the development and betterment of the city but its sole power is to make recommendations to the city commission concerning the advisability of adopting any zoning change, plat map adoption, new street construction, street names on new streets, and similar things. (Ord. 281, 11-8-2010)