The following structures shall not be subject to the height limitations of the district in which they are located:
   A.   Farm buildings and structures.
   B.   Belfries, chimneys, cupolas, domes, elevators, penthouses, flagpoles, monitors, smokestacks, spires, cooling towers and ventilators, provided they are not intended for human occupancy.
   C.   Ground and structure supported accessory antennas and aerials, including elevating structures (poles and towers), which do not exceed a total aggregate height of sixty feet (60') above the natural land grade and which meet the following requirements:
      1.   No portion of the antenna, aerial, elevating structure or any anchor or guy line may encroach upon the land area or airspace of any adjoining or abutting property.
      2.   In a residential district no portion of the antenna, aerial, elevating structure, or any anchor or guy line, may extend beyond the front yard building setback line or extend into any established front yard or into any side yard; provided that:
         a.   Height and location restrictions shall not be applicable to radio communication facilities owned, operated and maintained by any city, county, state or federal governmental entities;
         b.   Nonguyed, omni-directional, single element vertical antennas not exceeding one hundred twelve inches (112") in height, and not exceeding one and three-fourths inches (13/4") outside diameter shall be permitted in addition to the sixty foot (60') aggregate height limitation;
         c.   The restrictions established by this section may be modified by board of adjustment special exception approval, subject to the minimum requirements for special exception approvals and such additional safeguards and conditions as may be imposed by the board of adjustment. (Ord. 165, 12-6-1983)