The following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
HOUSE TRAILER OR MOBILE HOME: All equipment designed and/or manufactured for use for human occupancy to which customarily there is attached or may be attached wheels for mobility, whether or not the wheels have been attached thereto or removed therefrom.
OWNER: The actual legal or equitable owner or owners of the park and his or their agents, employees, trustees and assigns.
PARKING SITE: Shall mean and be the same as a residential building lot as defined in the zoning and other ordinances of the city, and is the area within the park platted for the purpose of placing thereon a house trailer or mobile home.
TRAILER OR MOBILE HOME PARK: An area within the city of Drumright wherein sites, utilities, and facilities are furnished by the owner of such park to the owners of house trailers or mobile homes desiring to avail themselves of the facilities afforded by the owner of the park, and shall hereinafter be referred to a "park". (1980 Code § 4-107)