1-1-040: CITY LOGO:
A.   The official city logo of Draper City shall include mountain peaks with the stylized words "DRAPER" and "UTAH" as demonstrated in Figure 1.1.040.
B.   Additional official styles of the city logo are represented in Figures 1.1.041, 1.1.042, 1.1.043, and 1.1.044.
C.   Draper City may amend and adopt different stylized versions of the city logo and additional city logos as necessary.
D.   The Draper City communications director shall be the custodian of the city logo. (Ord. 1554, 8-2-2022)
Figure 1.1.040
Figure 1.1.041
Figure 1.1.042
Use as an alternative option. For apparel, the color can change to match the color of the apparel.
Use a three-tint grayscale as as alternative option for any application.
Figure 1.1.043
Figure 1.1.044
Use as an alternative option when placing the logo on a dark or colored background.
Use when the application is too small (e.g. small embroidery patch, badge reel, etc.)