The following definitions shall be applicable throughout this title unless a different meaning is clearly intended:
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE LICENSES: Class A, class B, class C or class D beer licenses, nonprofit club licenses or liquor consumption licenses, as defined in chapter 4 of this title.
APPLICANT: Any person applying for any license provided for in this title. If the person is a partnership or corporation, then each partner, officer or director is considered an applicant and must qualify accordingly.
APPLICATION: A formal written request for the issuance of any license permitted under this title.
AUTHORIZED OFFICERS: Those persons authorized by the city or other entities to inspect businesses and enforce the provisions of this title or other applicable regulations, including peace officers, ordinance enforcement officers, and employees of the health department, fire department, community development department, finance department, city attorney's office, city manager, or business license official.
BUSINESS: Means and includes all trades, occupations, professions or activities engaged in within Draper City, carried on for the purpose of gain or economic profit, except that the acts of employees rendering service to employers shall not be included in the term "business" unless otherwise specifically provided.
BUSINESS LICENSE OFFICIAL OR LICENSE OFFICIAL: The individual or his/her designee who is responsible for administering the provisions of this title.
CITY: Draper City.
CITY MANAGER: The Draper City manager as referred to in title 2, chapter 3 of this code.
CITY RECORDER: The Draper City recorder.
CONSOLIDATED FEE SCHEDULE: The schedule of fees adopted each year by resolution of the Draper City council setting forth the various fees charged by the city.
EMPLOYEE: All individuals who work for an employer for salary or commission or wages, and who are subject to the direction and control of such employer.
ENGAGING IN BUSINESS: Includes, but is not limited to, the sale of real or personal property at retail or wholesale, the bartering or trading of property or services, the manufacturing of goods or property and the rendering of personal services for others for a consideration by persons engaged in any profession, trade, craft, business, occupation or other calling, except the rendering of personal services by an employee to his employer under any contract of personal employment.
FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Salt Lake County fire department.
HEALTH DEPARTMENT: The Salt Lake Valley health department.
HEARING BOARD: Draper City council as defined in section 6-3-050 of this title.
LICENSEE: The person who has obtained any type of license provided for in this title. The term shall also include any employee or agent of the licensee.
PERSON: An individual, partnership, corporation, association or other legal entity.
PLACE OF BUSINESS: Each separate location maintained or operated by the licensee, whether or not under the same name, within the city from which business is engaged in.
SIMILAR BUSINESS: Any business which is owned and/or operated by the same person, having the same Draper City business license category, as determined by the business license official, as another business being conducted, or proposed to be conducted, at the same location, except where said business maintains a separate and distinct address. A "similar business" shall apply to those businesses which qualify for a joint business license only.
TEMPORARY BUSINESS: A business operating for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days or less per calendar year according to the terms of chapter 16 of this title and licensed according to this title.
VIOLATED OR VIOLATING: That there exists reasonable cause to believe that any ordinance, code, statute or law has been or is being violated and is not limited to pleas of guilty or convictions for violating said ordinances, codes, statutes or laws. (Ord. 590, 2-15-2005; amd. Ord. 908, 10-20-2009; Ord. 1100, 4-29-2014)