1-1-030: CITY SEAL:
A.   The corporate seal of Draper City, established and declared to be the seal of the city, is circular in form with the words "City of Draper, State of Utah" inscribed in an outer circle, and the words "Corporate Seal 1978" inscribed in the center.
B.   The city recorder shall be the custodian of the official seal of the city, and is authorized to use the city seal on any ordinance, resolution, honoraria, certificate, or any other instrument necessary to authenticate official city documents or to indicate institutional sanction for official, legal and ceremonial purposes.
C.   The city seal shall only be used for the official business of Draper City.
D.   Draper City may amend the city seal as necessary.
E.   Figure 1.1.030 is a facsimile of the city seal. (1994 Code; amd. Ord. 1407, 10-15-2019; Ord. 1554, 8-2-2022)
Figure 1.1.030