A.   Factor: The city shall collect from all users, a new user facility fee (NUFF). The NUFF shall be equal to the number of ERUs assigned to the water meter as calculated using the meter size and type factor or MSTF (section 8-1-6 of this chapter) times the water hookup cost for a single-family residence.
   B.   Single-Family Residence Water Hookup Cost: The single- family residence water hookup cost is calculated as an equitable buy-in to the system based on capital improvements installed by the city, previous local improvement districts (LIDs) or others. Policies for establishing the basis for the single-family residence hookup cost shall be adopted by resolution of the city council. It is required that within sixty (60) days following passage hereof and every year thereafter, the city council shall meet and shall calculate the single-family residence water hookup cost fee to be charged by the city. The calculation of this fee shall not be based upon any budgetary needs, except for the mandate that the water system shall be self-supporting.
   C.   ERU Adjustment: At any time the city reserves the right to adjust the number of ERUs assigned to a given water meter (both with respect to collection of additional new user facility fees and with respect to the assessment of monthly water charges) in the case of a change in use by a particular user. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)