A.   Meter Readings: Meters will be read and customers billed on the basis of the meter reading to the nearest one hundred (100) gallons. The city will keep an accurate account on its books of all readings of meters and such accounts so the meter readings shall be offered at all times, places and courts as prima facie evidence of the use of water service by the customer.
   B.   Rendering Of Bills:
      1.   Billing Period: All bills shall be rendered monthly.
      2.   Bills For Other Than Normal Billing Period: When opening or closing bills or bills for periods other than the normal monthly billing, all monthly fees shall be prorated.
      3.   Billing Start Date: When a water connection is purchased, billing shall begin.
      4.   Bills For More Than One Meter: All meters supplying a customer's premises shall be billed separately, except that where the water department has, for operating purposes, installed two (2) or more meters in place of one, the reading may be combined for billing.
   C.   Disputed Bills: When a customer disputes a monthly water bill, the customer shall deposit the amount of the disputed bill at the time the complaint is lodged to preclude discontinuance of service pending final settlement of the bill or bills. Subsequent bills shall be paid or placed on deposit in a similar manner. Failure of the customer to make such a deposit shall warrant discontinuance of service as provided under section 8-1-21 of this chapter. Disputes shall be addressed within thirty (30) days by the city.
   D.   Failure To Read Meter:
      1.   In the event that it shall not be possible or practical to read a meter on the regular reading date, the customer will be charged using the following:
Monthly fee = (# ERs) x (base fee) (Eq. 20.1)
      2.   In subsequent months when the meter is able to be read, the monthly water rate will be calculated using the last valid meter reading and the calculation found in section 8-1-10 of this chapter.
   E.   Payment Of Bills:
      1.   The city shall bill the property owner for water use and the property owner shall be the responsible party.
      2.   Each bill shall contain the final date on which payment is due. If the bill is not paid by that date, the account shall be considered delinquent, unless other arrangements have been made with the city in writing that specifies another due date. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)