A.   On Customer Request:
      1.   Each customer about to vacate any premises supplied with water service by the city water system shall give the city written notice of their intentions at least fifteen (15) days prior thereto, specifying the date service is to be discontinued; otherwise, they will be responsible for all water supplied to such premises until fifteen (15) days after the city shall receive notice of such service discontinuation.
      2.   At the time specified by the customer that they expect to vacate the premises where service is supplied or that they desire to be discontinued, the meter will be read and a bill rendered which is payable immediately.
   B.   Nonpayment Of Water Service Charges: If such rates and charges are not paid when due by any such person, firm or corporation, the amounts so unpaid may be certified by the city clerk to the Bonner County tax assessor and shall be assessed a tax lien against the property as provided by law and shall be collected and paid over to the city in the same manner as other taxes are assessed, collected and paid over, with interest. Interest on unpaid bills shall run from the due date thereof at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum. Such unpaid charges may also be recovered in an action of law in the name of the city, with interest.
   C.   Nonpayment Of Inactive Water Service Charges:
      1.   After three (3) months of nonpayment of inactive water service charges, the city shall begin disconnection proceedings of the customer's water connection. The city shall inform the customer via mail that within forty five (45) days, the customer shall be disconnected from the water system and once done, the owner must purchase a new water hookup prior to reconnecting to the system.
      2.   Once notified by the city of the discontinuance of water service, to avoid disconnection the customer may:
         a.   Pay the full service charges, including twelve percent (12%) interest; or
         b.   Request a hearing of the city council at the next regularly scheduled city council meeting. At this hearing, the customer or his/her representative may request an extension to allow the customer additional time to bring the account up to date.
      3.   If the customer does not pay the full service charges, plus interest, or the city council determines that circumstances do not warrant a time extension, the customer will be disconnected and the customer must purchase a new water hookup prior to reconnecting to the system. After disconnection, the city will inform the customer via mail.
   D.   Improper Customer Facilities:
      1.   Unsafe Facilities: The water department may refuse to furnish water and may discontinue services to any premises without prior notice where plumbing facilities, appliances or equipment using water is dangerous, unsafe or not in conformity with the plumbing code of the state. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)
      2.   Cross Connections: Cross connections are prohibited and regulated under chapter 2 of this title. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014; amd. 2017 Code)
   E.   Water Waste: Where water is wastefully or negligently used on a customer's premises, seriously affecting the general service, the city may discontinue service if such conditions are not corrected after due notice by the city.
   F.   Service Detrimental To Others: The city may refuse to furnish water and may discontinue service to any premises where excessive demands by one customer will result in inadequate service to others.
   G.   Fraud Or Abuse: The city will refuse or discontinue service to any premises where it is deemed necessary to protect the water department from fraud or abuse. Discontinuance of service from one or both of these causes will be made immediately upon receipt of knowledge by the water department that the condition or conditions exist.
   H.   Unauthorized Turn On Of Water Service: Where water service has been discontinued for any reason and the water is turned back on by the customer or other unauthorized person, the water may then be shut off at the main or the meter removed. The charges for shutting off the water at the main or removing the meter shall be set by resolution of the city council. These charges shall be billed to the offending customer and water shall not be furnished to the premises or customer until such charges are paid and the water department has reasonable assurance that the violation will not reoccur.
   I.   Noncompliance With Regulations: The water department may, upon five (5) days' notice, discontinue service to a customer's premises for unsafe facilities, cross connections, wasted water, service detrimental to others, fraud or abuse, or unauthorized turn on of water. (Ord. 131, 6-4-2014)