(A)   No statement contained in this subchapter shall be construed as prohibiting any special agreement or arrangement between the city and any person whereby an industrial waste of unusual strength or character may be admitted to the sewage disposal works, either before or after pre-treatment, provided that there is no impairment of the functioning of the sewage treatment works by reason of the admission of such wastes, and not extra costs are incurred by the city without recompense by the person.
   (B)   If any waters or wastes are discharged, or are proposed to be discharged to the city sewers, which waters contain the substances or possess the characteristics enumerated in §§ 52.026 and 52.027 of this subchapter, and which, in the judgment of the secretary, may have a deleterious effect upon the sewage works, processes, equipment, or which otherwise create a hazard to life or constitute a public nuisance, the city may:
      (1)   Reject the wastes;
      (2)   Require pretreatment to an acceptable condition for discharge to the public sewers, including a minimum of two hours of settling for wastes containing soil, dirt, and/or sand;
      (3)   Require control over the quantities and rates of discharge, by the construction of equalization basins or by other appropriate methods; or
      (4)   Require payment to cover the added cost of handling and treating the wastes not covered by existing sewer charges under the provisions of §§ 52.008 and 52.080 through 52.084 of this chapter. If the secretary permits the pretreatment or or equalization of waste flows, the design and installation of the plants and equipment shall be subject to the review and approval of the city and subject to the requirements of all applicable codes and laws.
(Ord. 46, passed 4-8-1975)