5-1-1: Utah Code Adopted; Excerpts Of Utah Code
5-1-2: Disability Parking
5-1-3: Open Container
5-1-4: Speed Regulations
5-1-5: School Zone Speed Limit
5-1-6: Minimum Speed Regulations
5-1-7: Speed Contest Or Exhibition On Highway - Barricade Or Obstruction
5-1-8: Turning Or Changing Lanes; Signaling; Stopping Or Sudden Decrease In Speed
5-1-9: Emergency Vehicles
5-1-10: Stopping, Standing, Parking
5-1-11: All-Terrain Or Utility Type Vehicle
5-1-12: Unsafe Or Improperly Equipped Vehicles
5-1-13: Safety Chains On Towed Vehicles
5-1-14: Occupancy In A Trailer Or Semitrailer
5-1-15: Materials On Highways
5-1-16: Careless Driving
5-1-17: Seat Belt Or Child Restraint Required
5-1-18: Vehicles Operated On Posted Public Land
5-1-19: Headgear Requirements
5-1-20: Failure To Secure New License Plates
5-1-21: Operating An Off-Highway Vehicle On Or Within The Boundaries Of An Interstate Freeway
5-1-22: Failure To Observe Flashing Amber Lights On A School Bus
5-1-23: Littering
5-1-24: Improper Passing Of Vehicles - Same Direction
5-1-25: Improper Usage Of Lanes
5-1-26: Failure To Stop For Emergency Vehicle Using Audible Or Visual Signals
5-1-27: Allowing Unlicensed Person To Drive
5-1-28: Driving On Denied, Suspended, Disqualified, Or Revoked License
5-1-29: Operating A Vehicle Without Insurance
5-1-30: Operating A Vehicle Without Proof Of Insurance
5-1-31: Failure To Obey Waterway Speed And Proximity Rules
5-1-32: Waterway Speed When Passenger Riding On Certain Motorboat Areas
5-1-33: Passenger Riding On Motorboat Lacking Passenger- Designed Seating
5-1-34: Displaying Waterway-Navigation Lights Between Sunset And Sunrise
5-1-35: Failure To Display Motorboat Or Sailboat Bow Numbers
5-1-36: Expired, Improper, Or No Current Registration For Motorboat Or Sailboat
5-1-37: Motorboat Or Sailboat Registration Number Requirements
5-1-38: Safety Equipment Required To Be On Board Water Vessels