Enforcement, Impounding and Penalty
303.01    Officer may remove ignition key.
303.02    Road workers, motor vehicles and equipment excepted.
303.03    Emergency vehicles or public safety vehicles exempt.
303.04    Application to persons riding, driving animals upon roadway.
303.05    Freeway use prohibited by pedestrians, bicycles and animals.
303.06    Application to drivers of government vehicles.
303.07   Impounding of vehicles; notice to owner.
303.08   Return of impounded vehicles; bond.
303.09   Authorized towing companies; place of storage.
303.10   Towing, storage and administrative fees.
303.11   Providing false information to police officer.
303.99   General Traffic Code penalties.
303.991   Committing an offense while distracted penalty.
   See sectiona ency or public safety vehicles - see TRAF. 331.20 , 333.06