The provisions of Sections 1319.01 to 1319.08 shall not apply to the people, firms, corporations, partnerships. associations or entities enumerated herein:
   (a)    Public utilities who operate not for profit; gas, water, sewer, electric, railroad, telephone, bus and public transportation services; other similar services; and radio and television entities provided that the work performed will be used in rendering services to the public; and
   (b)    Persons, firms, corporations, partnerships, associations, and other entities who already are licensed in the City under the Building Code; and
   (c)    A person who performs work or installs equipment in any building or on the premises thereof and the person performing the work is the owner, occupant, or tenant;
   (d)   Any  person who performs any work for no monetary or any other consideration; and
   (e)    An employee of a firm, corporation, partnership, association, or other entity which is registered under this section and such employee performs the work under the direction and supervision of the registrant.
      (Ord. 129-1989. Passed 7-24-89.)