(a)    After the approval of a planning advance from the necessary Federal agency or agencies to pay the cost of surveys and plans for an urban renewal project, no building permit shall be issued except with the approval of the Planning Commission, for improvements, enlargements or demolition of any existing structure or structures, or for new construction within the designated project area. Permits may be issued for temporary repairs of existing structures when the Building Inspector finds the same necessary for the protection of health and safety. Permits may also be issued for modifications or changes not to exceed a value of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and upon receipt of an affidavit by the applicant that such modification or change shall not be considered in the value of the building for purchase or appropriation purposes by the City. This subsection shall not be applicable if Council fails to approve the renewal plan (1) for the urban renewal project, or (2) after a Title 1 Loan and Grant Contract has been executed for the urban renewal project.
(Ord. 211-1969. Passed 12-8-69.)
   (b)    Upon approval, subsection (a) hereof shall be an additional requirement under Section 1309.01 .
(Ord. 101-1966. Passed 9-12-66.)