(a)   All hearings requested pursuant to the provisions of Section 505.22 (a) shall be conducted before the Animal Appeals Board.  The Board shall be composed of the Law Director or designee, a doctor of veterinary medicine designated by the Director of Public Safety, and an officer of the Humane Society of Greater Akron.  The Board may affirm, reverse or modify the finding that a dog is aggressive by a majority vote.  A quorum of the members may meet and reach a decision if scheduling conflicts so require.
   (b)   A copy of the decision of the Board shall be served upon the person who made the written demand for the hearing, by certified mail with a return receipt requested.  The decision of the Board shall be final and conclusive, unless an appeal is timely filed in a court of competent jurisdiction.
   (c)   All hearings held by the Board pursuant to this chapter shall be administrative in nature.  At all hearings conducted pursuant to this section, any party may be represented by legal counsel.  The rules of evidence utilized by the courts shall not be applicable in hearings before the Board.  The Board is hereby empowered to subpoena witnesses and take testimony under oath.
(Ord.  36-2019.  Passed 6-10-19.)